Tree Removal

Trees, definitely, add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. But once severely infected they are required to beTree Removal removed. The tree removal is one of the most complex procedures to carry out especially if you have people living in the area. A small piece of wood can be heavy to lift and when cut off it may cause damages. For instance, a six feet long tree with a diameter of two feet can weigh anywhere around 450 pounds. When dropped from a height of 20 feet its weight exponentially increases every six feet. That means that the tree would need a force of 7,200 pounds to stop it from wracking the area.

The weight is not the only hindrance to tree removal. Often stumps of the tree are not salvaged by the cutter leaving it with wounds and injuries. These wounds often catch infection and disease. The salvaged stump also re-sprouts and grows back into a tree. 

Tree removal is definitely a long project that requires professional tools and safety gears. However, small trees can always be removed easily in just three steps. Here is a three-step guide to removing small trees:

Step 1: Examine the Area:

As the first step, always examine the surrounding area for obstacles such as another tree, vehicles, overhead wires, a fence and more. For example, if there is a car parked in the area ask the owner to park it somewhere else.

Step 2: The Angle of the Tree:

You need to have a clear idea about the natural angle of the tree. Its natural angle of growth would be its best fall. Besides, you also need to check if the tree has a wound or if its trunk is hollow or rotten. A rotten or hollow tree is best removed by professionals as they can control the direction of the fall.

Step 3: Escape route:

You should have two escape routes planned as a tree falls. Visualize an expected fall line of the tree and set two escape routes one on each side of the tree.

Removing trees can be dangerous as felling can cause serious injuries to property and people. A tree doesn’t necessarily fall in the expected direction and this manifolds the danger of injuries. Moreover, tools used in tree removals such as chainsaw and hand tools can also be dangerous. A small distraction can cause you injuries. Therefore, it is important to be attentive while removing a tree.

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